Energy Analysis Platform


You can't manage,
what you can't measure.

Are you aware?

why are you paying that much for electricity?

Is it profitable for you to switch to solar?

Why are your backup generator costs so high?

What causes those spikes in your energy bills?

Is your genset or solar energy system efficient?

How to get alerts to avoid costly equipment failure?

EnerView enables you to answer the above and much more, by analyzing more than 1000 different parameters, in real-time, on a typical energy system.
Check out the infographic for more details

Sounds too techy?
Here is how it works.

We take care of the complexities for you. Once we install the hardware at your site, the rest is as easy as accessing a website on your favorite device. We even customize the user interface as per your needs.

The accompanying infographic has some basic information on how EnerView works. Or better yet leave your information here and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

All EnerView service packages come with the following:

Free maintenance and equipment upgrades

Free hosting of your data for life of contract

Customized user interface for every installation

Still not convinced?
See the real thing.

Nothing beats a live demo.

We have some live monitoring feeds from actual EnerView installations available on our site.
Click here to check out a dashboard showing real-time information from an actual installation.

And remember, if there is some information that you don't see, most likely we will be able to add it for you in your customized interface

Want to try it out?
Let us know.

We believe that you are convinced by now to try EnerView.

Our starter packages start from, as low as, ₹ 500 per month, with at cost initial installation. We also offer, a no-risk 3-month trial, for most of our installations.

To get started or for any questions about the EnerView platform, please provide your contact details. A member of team EnerMark will be in touch with you soon.

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