Never get a solar energy system installed without getting a demand analysis first


Solar is great. No doubt about it. It is clean, can be installed on your own roof or backyard. And what's even can be cheaper than coal, oil or even your grid electricity. However, the key phrase here is 'can be'. This is also the reason behind this post - you can maximize your returns from solar only if the right demand analysis is done. The picture below shows the reason. Solar production without batteries varies like the blue curve shown below. On a typical sunny day the production starts at low levels, peaks around noon, before going down to zero around sunset.

Electricity demand on the other hand, comes in all shapes and sizes. A typical demand graph - brown curve is also shown. This demand curve is taken from one of EnerMark's actual project sites.

As you can see from the graph, in case of a solar energy system not designed based on a demand analysis and prediction, you lose in two ways:

1. When production is more than demand : The excess electricity is wasted. If you are lucky, you would have net-metering in place where you can sell back the electricity to the utility company, at your grid electricity rates. And here, I mean really lucky, because not only should your area have net-metering, but also, your nearly bankrupt state owned utility company should be ready to pay you for the excess. 

2. When demand is more than production: You are back to paying through the nose for your demand, solar or not.

So, the key is to have solar energy system designed which can minimize the two sources of losses above, and that's what we at EnerMark do best. Our systems, routinely produce returns 40% or higher than comparable systems. If you are interested in knowing more, just create a requirement for free with our  online estimator .

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