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This post is intended to explain how to use EnerMark website to estimate financial returns from solar projects, that you may be interested in installing. EnerMark brings you proprietary data and analytic tools, that are at par or better than those used by large solar companies, to estimate returns for utility size projects. It may sound complicated, but I assure, it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. So, let's get started.

Accessing the solar project return estimator

On the EnerMark home page, click the "See how much you can make" button.  

Side note, on this page we also talk about what EnerMark does, so it may be worthwhile spending some time on the page.

Alternatively, on the second slide of the carousel (shown below), click the "How much money can you make by installing solar?" button.

Step ①

You should see the estimator landing screen below :

As it says on the screen above, it is three simple steps to estimating the financial return for your solar project. First, you need to locate the site of your project on the map. For this, simply type in the address of the location and click the search button. The location found will be marked on the map; if the location found is not exact then just drag the flag marker to the right location.

Once the right location is indicated, click NEXT to move to Step 2.

Step ②

This step will show you the google maps satellite view of your location (an example is shown below, your view may be different depending on your location).

Mark the area where solar panels will be installed using the drawing toolbar buttons on top left. Use the button with 'polygon' icon to draw and mark the area.

As indicated in the screen below, the red outline indicates the area where the solar panels will be installed. Also, select type of installation site, flat roof, inclined roof or ground.

If the installation site is an inclined roof then also indicate:

  • Roof Direction : Use the compass shown on the screen to estimate correct direction. 
  • Roof Tilt : This is the angle that the inclined roof makes from the horizontal.

Click NEXT to move to Step 3.

Step ③

The final step. Again, the yellow-red area shown on the screen (example in the screenshot below) indicates the area selected for installation of solar panels as marked in the previous step.

As shown in screen below, enter the following details:

  • Electricity Cost: This is the cost in ₹/KWH that you currently incur for electricity.
    • If you have slabbed tariffs based on usage, enter the highest slab of electricity tariff that currently applies in your case.
    • If this project is for backup power replacement, indicate the cost per unit (₹/KWH) for backup power that you incur.
    • If it is a new installation with no existing electricity connection, enter the cost per unit (₹/KWH) for the option you would be using if not installing solar. 
    • Finally, if the purpose of the project is to sell electricity to the utility company, indicate the per unit buy back rate of the utility company.
  • Connection Type: Select the type of connection Domestic, Industrial or Commercial. 
  • Usage Details (Optional): Although these details are optional, please do enter usage details if available. This enables EnerMark to suggest the ideal solar energy system size.

Upon clicking the Usage Details button you should see the following popup. 


Not only estimating ideal system size, entering usage details data is important for another reason. In the final results report, the estimator can indicate:

  • Electricity produced by the installed system vs your current requirement and
  • Estimated monthly power cut reduction. 

These are reported only if usage details are entered in this step. Also, indicate if you use an inverter for backup and any additional backup option in use.Once, all usage data is entered remember to click the Save button.

Finally, click NEXT to see the results report.

Results Report

On clicking Next, if you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login or create an account. You can do so with:

  • your Google account
  • your Facebook account
  • Or, create a free EnerMark account with your email address

 On successful login, you will see the project results report. An example report is shown in the screenshot below:

Provided all the details are correctly entered in the previous steps, we are extremely confident of the results reported. Apart from the information entered by the user, the evaluation is based on state of the art analytics using geo-spatial, solar and climate data for the location. Each report is customized to your exact location.

This brings us to the end of this blog post. I hope this helps in bring clarity to using EnerMark's solar project return estimator. As always, your comments/questions about the estimator or the EnerMark platform in general are welcome.



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