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Interpreting the EnerMark solar project returns report

This post is intended to describe how to interpret a solar project report generated by the EnerMark estimator. The report is generated when a user estimates project returns by accessing How much Money you can make by installing solar on the EnerMark homepage. If you are interested in knowing more about the actual procedure to generate a project report, click on our previous blog post here.

Calculate solar energy project returns online with EnerMark

This post is intended to explain how to use EnerMark website to estimate financial returns from solar projects, that you may be interested in installing. EnerMark brings you proprietary data and analytic tools, that are at par or better than those used by large solar companies, to estimate returns for utility size projects. It may sound complicated, but I assure, it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. So, let's get started.

India's energy woes: distributed solar energy generation is the solution

In 2013, India produced 1102.9 TeraWattHours of electricity. In fact, India is the 3rd largest electricity producer in the world after China and US. Sounds like a lot, but as anyone who has experienced that Indian summer ritual of a 'power cut' will tell you, it is just not enough. India has an annual energy shortfall of about 7%. This is despite the fact that per capita consumption of electricity in India is way too low, even when compared with countries in similar stages of economic development. To put that in perspective, very simplistically:

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