At EnerMark, we have developed analytic techniques to accurately project returns on solar projects for any location in India. This includes accounting for weather and geography as well. We take a microgrid approach to renewable energy projects - where we consider the overall energy picture i.e. what is the best combination of various energy sources (utility grid, renewable energy and even gensets). This data-based microgrid approach helps us identify the most promising energy projects. It is also the basis of our platform to bring together customers, installers and investors for various energy projects. In fact, we are so confident of our projections, that we provide, guarantees on returns payable in cash, on projects that we execute or finance. Given the energy shortage and the inefficient electricity grid in India, we believe that distributed energy production with emphasis on renewable energy sources, such as solar, is the only solution for the energy crisis. And, an efficient platform for clients to fairly value their energy installations and attract investments is the best approach to that solution.


Presence in India and US to leverage technical and financial resources

Proprietary analytics to predict returns for any location in India

Guaranteed returns on approved projects or we pay the difference

We provide up to 100% financing for projects we finance or execute

Projects eligible for retail investments starting at
₹ 10000


Technology & Operations

Manvendu believes that in a country like India - with 300 days of sunshine, it is almost criminal that anyone should suffer due to energy shortage. There is abundant solar energy available, the only need is to leverage technology and computing resources to make it accessible for everyone.

Prior to EnerMark, Manvendu was responsible for leading the strategic planning team for Dow Chemical's North American energy storage business for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems. Manvendu has a strong career leading strategy and operations, with a decade long experience in the technology industry. Prior to Dow, Manvendu was with Sakti3 Inc. (named as one of the 10 most promising technologies in the world for next 10 years by MIT tech review) where he was responsible for market and product strategy. Prior to that, he was at Motorola Inc., USA and Tata Consultancy Services, where he led new product development for software systems. Manvendu has a Computer Engineering degree from NIT Kurukshetra, a Masters degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University, USA and an MBA in Strategy and Finance from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.


A Chartered Accountant and a certified Company Secretary from the Institute of Company Secretaries, India - Vishal is EnerMark's go to person and advisor for all things finance and accounting related. He has more than 15 years experience in handling financial governance, analytics and treasury strategies for insurance and manufacturing sectors. Most recently Vishal has served as VP-Business Planning and Analysis for Max Bupa Health Insurance Limited. Prior to Max Bupa, Vishal held several senior level leadership positions entailing setting up new businesses, and business performance management with SRF Ltd. and Bilt Chemicals Ltd.



As an advisor, Santosh brings to Enermark experience and deep connections with the investment community. He is currently an AVP with Ascent Capital - a leading India-focused private equity firm. Santosh also has over 11 years of professional experience with different roles in strategy, project management, due diligence and research. Prior to Ascent, he worked with Motorola Inc. and with a boutique investment bank – Stevenson & Co. in Chicago. Santosh has an MBA from University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. He also holds a Masters in Computer Science from University of Missouri, Kansas City and BE in Electronics and Telecom from University of Mumbai.

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